Have you ever wanted to know if there are other ways to get attorneys for a lower amount than your standard $150 to $500 an hour. Have you ever needed to talk to an attorney but knew it would cost too much or they wanted a retaining fee upfront which could be as much as your morgage payments. Wouldn’t it be great to have an attorney you could call when you get profiled on the highway or walking down the street or when the delivery guy gets bit by your dog or the grocery cart hits your car in the parking lot?

Wouldn’t it be great to call an attorney and talk to them for more than a half of an hour to answer a legal question about your child being bullied at school or your neighbors dog doing his duty on your lawn? Or any other question you could come up with including updating or even doing a living will to protect your family in case something happened? I’m sure right now you are thinking YES I WOULD LOVE TO CALL AN ATTORNEY! But for most of us we answer it is too expensive and I have to pay the doctor bills, auto insurance or buy groceries.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, you don’t have to choose one or the other, because now you can have both for as low as $20.00 a month. I have the solution to offer you that will give you options to be able to talk with a attorney on most situations that you have come across, or I have said above. All you have to do is click on the link below to have access to attorneys in your area as well as in other areas across America and Canada, after you click into the site please watch the video to get it explain completely. There is no obligation to sign up, but i do ask you to watch the video to see what is offered to you, so please click this link;

Here is a story that just happened to me recently (Feb. 2013)

I have just recently used this service dealing with a large grocery store chain that I won’t mention, I walked into the store to buy groceries with some fifty cent pieces and dollar coins I had and the person at the front counter refused to except my money (this is US legal currency)
so I asked her why? Her response was that they had no place in the cash register nor in their vault to put this kind of money and that the banks won’t take these coins. She told me that if I try to go through any of the check stands that she was going to tell them all to refuse my money. (Can anyone relate to this right now?)

I asked her if she could get the manager and she said she will call him (at this time I already called my law firm and explained the whole situation to them) I told the sales clerk that this is not legal, she got the manager and he started yelling at me like I did something wrong, I told him in a stern voice why are you yelling at me and his reply was because I was causing a seen with the woman at the counter. I explained to him that she was causing the seen and she refused to take US currency, the manager agreed with the sales clerk and told me that they do not have to except those coins, so i got frustrated and said you will hear from my attorneys. (Now how many of us have said that but didn’t have it backed up by anyone and just went home?) “Well I can say I have an attorney to call!

With in less than an hour I had a return phone call from the law firm of Kival & Howard Attorney at Law, and I explained the whole situation to them, they asked me to send them an email with the names of who I talked to and the store and the time of day and as much detail as I could, so I did. The law firm looked over my information and 3 days later sent a letter off to a high authority figure with in the company. In less than a week later the attorney got a letter back from them apologizing for the whole incendent and said that the company is going to restructer the way they handle that kind of money and customers and then they sent a $25.00 gift card. Now I just await the letter and gift card from my attorney.

As you can read above I have used this many of times and am still a member to this day after 10 years. This service has given me a better piece of mind than you can’t imagine until you have this service, I now know that any matter I have I can always call an attorney and get the legal answers for a low monthly fee. This fee is to ask an attorney questions on any subject throughout each and every month. Think about how powerful that is, and know that the law firms are top rated law firms that other people who do not have this service could be paying upto $300.00 to $500.00 an hour. Now isn’t this a service that you are at least interested into looking into just to see all the other advantages that comes with the low fee? I have only given you a couple of things and this service cover a lot more, so check it out. You know having an attorney to call at your finger tips for almost any situation including when you get pulled over by a police officer, or having trouble at the bank or grocery store or work or even with your friends and neighbors. This is a nice piece of mind to have, so just click on this link to make the next step;